We believe in the power of our collective voice.  


In this election season, amid a year of social and political regression and resistance, a real victory for oppressed people requires us to be grounded and to #DigDeeper for knowledge -- strategies, information, untapped sources of grassroots power -- that lives beneath the surface. If we do this, we can have a clearer vision of where we want to go.

With your support and commitment, Project South's work will help make that vision a reality. 

You can help us get there, as a new or renewing member for 2019.  Project South's success is only possible with the power of collective action by everyday people -- like you -- who work together to solve the problems we are confronted with to transform the South -- and our world.

Become part of Project’s South political home and family. Access regular communication, analysis and entry points to become more involved in Project South’s movement building work.  Members receive monthly updates, our bi-annual newsletter “As The South Goes…”, and direct invitations to participate in community events, assemblies, and actions.   Members & monthly donors allow Project South flexibility and autonomy to respond consistently and quickly to the needs of our community.


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Project South is fueled by the commitment of members who are invested in building the Southern Freedom Movement in the 21st century. Thank you for contributing!

If you are interested in investing in Project South's work with an extraordinary gift at an extraordinary time, please call our office at 404.622.0602 or send an email to join@projectsouth.org









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