Project South Membership Drive 2019
Power: The ability to act or produce an effect. Mental or moral efficacy. A source or means of supplying energy. To move with great speed or force. of, relating to, or utilizing strength.

By many definitions, across generations and across frontlines, Southern people have found their collective power and used it to create lasting change. Project South has relied on that collective power and collective action to sustain us since the organization was founded in 1986. Our movement-building work is rooted in a belief that everyday people can come together to identify and solve the problems which consistently confront us; that we can strategize and create our own systems toward building a South -- and a world -- where people are free.

Become part of Project’s South political home and family. Access regular communication, analysis and entry points to become more involved in Project South’s movement building work.  Members receive monthly updates and direct invitations to participate in community events, assemblies, and actions. Members and monthly donors allow Project South the flexibility and autonomy to respond consistently and quickly to the needs of our community.  

We thank you for your continued support as we move into 2020, and beyond. With your membership and involvement, we can continue to #LightThePower! Join us or renew your commitment today.  

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Project South is fueled by the commitment of members who are invested in building the Southern Freedom Movement in the 21st century. Thank you for contributing!

If you are interested in investing in Project South's work with an extraordinary gift at an extraordinary time, please call our office at 404.622.0602 or send an email to join@projectsouth.org









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