Thank you for contributing the collective work of the Southern Movement Assembly!

In 2018, the #SouthernPeoplesPower Organizing Tour is gathering over 300 people at five 3-day Organizing Intensives in rural and frontline sites across the South over three months. Anchors are hosting Intensives in Pembroke, NC with the Lumbee Nation; Puerto Rico with the University Sin Fronteras; DuLac, Louisiana with the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy and the United Houma Nation; the Mississippi Delta with the Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative; and in Tampa, FL with National Nurses United and partners.

We are exercising #SouthernPeoplesPower and implementing the Southern Movement Blueprint!


Your contribution in 2018:

- supports travel for Southern freedom fighters to participate in the Organizing Intensives

- provides community members with contracts for food and lodging as part of supporting new social economies

- strengthens our communications and organizing work

- builds movement infrastructure rooted in history, relationships, and action!


Thank you for all your contributions to this growing movement! #SouthernPeoplesPower


As a movement we are making it happen, together.


Each contribution will recieve an email confirmation, and All contributions are tax-deductible.



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